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  • ProCare Counseling

    Decreases malpractice risk through education while capturing patients signatures of understanding.
  • Why ProCare

    Documentation, Opiod Education and Addiction Prevention
  • Patient Education

    Educating your patients equals less opioid misuse and abuse
  • Services Available

    Education, Assessment, Prevention, Screening

Why ProCare Counseling?

We are dedicated to educating your patients through proactive counseling, so that patients will Assume a greater role in their treatment.
Our promise to your clinic is that we strive to be meticulous and diligent in Documenting the care of your patients.
We treat your patients in a warm and welcoming environment with kindness and compassion, and above all, like FAMILY.


  • Why do you emphasize Patient Education?

    An uneducated patient will act in irrational thinking and have uncomfortable emotions. Their brain amplifies the pain through self talk with sayings such as "this is horrible, awful, terrible and my pain is always a 9 or 10". Education helps patients understand, predict and manage their pain cycles. Education equals improved compliance, which means more compliant urine drug screens. Education equals Patient Satisfaction and Referrals.
  • How Can Pro Care Counseling Help Me, the Doctor?

  • What do you offer for Opioid Education?

  • Why Should I use Pro Care Counseling, my practice is just fine?

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